In continuing the movement to preserve the environment, the Church of God in Durham, NC partnered with Keep Durham Beautiful. The came together for a second time on February 26 to centralize efforts in cleaning up regional areas with large deposits of waste. This time, Church of God volunteers went to a forested area near the Eno River in Durham. This location is known for its scenic landscape. However, years of dumping waste in the environment has resulted in contamination and pollution, diminishing the beautiful scenery.On Sunday, about 30 members volunteered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to restore the forest to its original state. As soon as Keep Durham Beautiful supplied the volunteers with bags and gloves they went right to work. Removing various types of rubbish, the once trash-riddled forest floor began to show its beauty little by little.The Church of God gathered 51 bags of miscellaneous garbage and 71 bags of recyclables. Moreover, several hundred pounds of large items were found. Volunteers had collected 2,440 pounds of garbage by the end of the cleanup.“We appreciate all the hard work the World Mission Society Church of God has done for Durham,” said Monica Ospina, a Keep Durham Beautiful representative. “Your group is always determined and hardworking! Litter is a huge problem because it pollutes our already fragile bodies of water and impacts our daily lives. We know your time is valuable and we are thankful for spending it giving back to the community.”Curious residents who were passing by stopped to watch the cleanup. The locals expressed how grateful they were to see the unkempt land receive attention. Meanwhile, Church of God members who participated in the cleanup said they were more than happy to help. The Church of God believes that through joint efforts such as this, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about the Church of God’s environmental cleanups and other volunteer activities, please contact us.