To honor the brave firefighters who serve the town of Cary, the Church of God hosted a special firefighter appreciation event. Church of God members, along with the Town of Cary, expressed their appreciation to the firefighters by planting a vegetable garden for the winter. As a result, the firefighters will be able to harvest their own food at the station. In this way, the station may feel more like their “home away from home.” Church volunteers felt even more compelled to show their support towards the firefighters since it was the week of 9/11.

“We serve the community because it’s in our blood to do it,” said Alex, a firefighter from Cary. “I feel this event is to show gratitude on return.”

About 15 Church volunteers came out on September 11 and 13 to plant gardens at two different fire departments. After the Town of Cary supplied tools for the work, volunteers wasted no time to remove dead plants and leaves.

“Planting a garden at the fire department felt so amazing. These men and women risk their lives every day for us. It’s a humbling experience to give something back to them”, said Melissa Lawson, a volunteer of the Church of God

Moreover, the members spread mulch to enrich the ground with nutrients for the vegetables. Additionally, at each fire station they planted the gardens complete with a pollinator garden of flowers and blueberries.

“I was very excited and it felt good to help,” said Celedonio Perez, a volunteer of the Church of God.

“We appreciate the volunteers that came out today that donated their time, their gifts, and their energy especially in the rain to make this garden grow,” said Sarah Justice, the Environmental Outreach Program Coordinator from the Town of Cary. “It looks beautiful! And I know the firefighters are going to appreciate the fruits of your labor all year long.”

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