Charlotte—the Champion of Trees

The city of Charlotte has earned the title of the Champion of Trees for 36 consecutive years. By driving passed the picturesque lines of oak trees down Queens Road, seeing the trees in between the skyscrapers when walking uptown, or jogging in Dilworth under a cool shade, anyone can come to appreciate the beauty of the scenery in Charlotte. So, the Church of God took action in tree maintenance for young trees throughout the Myers Park area.

Tree maintenance is key in sustaining the health of tree saplings. Weeds tend to grow easily and prevent trees from growing healthy and strong. They tend to grow within the vicinity of the tree root and into the tree, stunting its growth and diminishing its health. Various insects and pests make their homes inside trees and spread disease, or the leaves may be half-eaten by ants in a nearby anthill. The canopy that Charlotte’s trees provide is well known, but can easily be at risk if it’s not well maintained.  

Simple Tree Maintenance Makes a Great Impact

The volunteers partnered with Kenneth Friday, Environmental Specialist at Mecklenburg County to help provide trees with the proper care. He gave volunteers all the tools they needed and concisely demonstrated how tree maintenance should be done. News stations also began to arrive one by one and captured the volunteers in action. The volunteers maintained trees at two different sites in the Myers Park area with a total of 208 trees.

Charlotte’s trees provide innumerable benefits for the environment, from enhancing the water quality to providing cleaner air and decreasing the use of energy. The Church of God does numerous volunteer activities to protect and save the world we live in. By providing tree maintenance, the Charlotte volunteers hope their neighbors continue to reap the benefits their environment provides for years to come.

The Church of God carries out volunteer services to share the love of a mother. Volunteers look for ways to improve their community and protect the environment to make the world a happier place. To see more activities by Church of God volunteers, visit our Activities page!