Continuing its annual summer tradition, the Church of God hosted the East Coast Mega Blood Drive 2016. Thirteen branches of the Church of God in the East Coast and the Caribbean hosted a blood drive in their local area on the same day. And in the midst of blood shortages in the nation, Charlotte joined in on the efforts.

Statistics show that more blood is needed during summer months given the low turnout in donors. Recognizing this need, the Church of God in Charlotte teamed up with the Community Blood Center. Volunteers prepared for weeks for the blood drive to give hope and love to those in dire need of blood. Not only did members voluntarily donate but they also invited neighbors and friends to help save lives.

“It’s a great feeling to save someone’s life. Many of our churches around the East Coast are doing the same thing at the same time. That makes it even more exciting,” said one volunteer donor.

Another volunteer added, “Most people either knew someone who needed blood or was in need of blood themselves.”

As a result,  volunteers donated enough blood to help save more than 90 lives. All the Church of God volunteers were happy to give blood knowing they could help save so many lives.

The World Mission Society Church of God is well known for its volunteerism throughout the world. And it is continually making a significant impact on society. The members of the Church of God in Charlotte were thankful to participate in the East Coast Mega Blood Drive 2016. They stated that they will continue working closely with the Community Blood Center for possible future events to help aid the community.