Members of the World Mission Society Church of God rolled up their sleeves to give three Charlotte tunnels a makeover. The Church volunteers united together to tackle the task of removing debris and vandalism from the tunnels. Consequently, this required chipping off tremendous amounts of graffiti and repainting all three of the tunnels for the city.

About 50 volunteers came out to help restore the Charlotte tunnels. The members, regardless of age, were happy and full of energy. No doubt, they were ready to give the tunnels a deep cleaning. The volunteers were not the only ones overjoyed. One city official had very grateful words for the Church members: “Thank you guys so much for agreeing to do this. You are an awesome group of people!” In fact, several officials from the city of Charlotte were overjoyed to see the tunnels being revamped.

Following their arrival at the cleanup site, the members were divided into groups and worked methodically all day. One group stripped graffiti from the walls of the long tunnels and repainted them. After the paint dried, they sealed the tunnels with an anti-graffiti chemical solution. Meanwhile, another group worked to clean all of the leaves from the tunnels. They also cleared away trash and beautified the areas outside of the tunnels.

As the volunteers were restoring the tunnels, onlookers strolling through couldn’t help but smile and give thanks. One passerby said “Thank you so much! We walk through this area often and have to pass through this graffiti but now we can walk through with ease.” In time, the Charlotte tunnels and surrounding areas were unrecognizably transformed from their former appearances.

Denise Coleman, Project Manager of the Keep Charlotte Beautiful program for the city of Charlotte expressed her appreciation to the volunteers. “You guys are just amazing. You really did a lot of work. I would love to work more with this group in the future!”